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Detailing Services in Glen Rock, New Jersey

Polish your vehicle's interior and exterior with quality and affordable detailing services provided by Ridgewood Auto Wash in Glen Rock, New Jersey. We use ecofriendly products.

Discover Quality Work

At Ridgewood Auto Wash, our full auto detailing service includes leather seat revitalizers and an ecofriendly product to protect against germs, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our complete interior and exterior cleaning includes:

Car, Detailing Services in Glen Rock, NJ

• Clean Rims
• Dress Tires
• Door Jambs and Trim
• Professional Hand Waxing 

• Buffing
• Polishing
• Paint Sealing
• Shampooing and Deodorizing of the Interior

• Cleaning, Shampooing, 
  and Deodorizing the Trunk
• Cleaning of Upholstery
• Cleaning of Vinyl Tops

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